A Wrong Step
A Wrong Step posted on 13th Dec 2022, 6:16 AM.
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skorpen 14th Dec 2022, 12:11 PM edit delete
Æthernaut will return in January. Is it a cliffhanger if he's already fallen off the cliff?


Jago7Knives 14th Dec 2022, 1:39 AM edit delete reply
What nefarious minds contrived such a devious trap! How deep is this hellsh pit? Will our hero survive the fall? What fate awaits our heroes, now separated from one another? Will they ever meet again? Tune in next time dear readers for the continuing adventures of the Aethernauts!
skorpen 14th Dec 2022, 2:46 PM edit delete reply
Thanks as always for the commentary 7Knives!
Jago 7 Knives 22nd Dec 2022, 12:52 AM edit delete reply
Think nothing of it, Mr. Skorpen, Happy Holidays!